Matomo Analytics for web/communication agencies

A Matomo Analytics expert

I am used to train web and communication agencies about Matomo Analytics. In fact, what is happening, most of time, is that those agencies are Google Analytics specialists. They are getting some demands for Matomo from their clients and as a result need to learn about Matomo. Most of the time, those trainings are more than a simple introduction to the tool as they also need to know how to turn Matomo into business. So they also need to know how to create themes, how to deploy their own cloud, what about the licencing model of premium features. Those agencies also need some support as they need a bit more time in order to be 100% proeffecient on Matomo Analytics.

Find below the different types of projects I managed with Matomo Analytics:

Universities - Agencies - Privacy commissionners - Tourism offices - Banks-Finance - Startups - Gambling - Blockchain websites - Mobile applications - Cities/Regions - European institutions - Research centers - Telecommunication providers - Non-profit organizations - Healthcare industry - Ecommerce - Intranet

I can help you about your Matomo project for your agency on the following markets below:

Austria (Österreich) - Belgium (Belgique) - Switzerland (Suisse) - China (中国) - United Kingdom - Norway (Norge) - United States - Brazil (Brasil) - Germany (Deutschland) - Denmark (Danmark) - Spain (España) - Finland (Suomi) - France - Italy (Italia) - Japan (日本) - The Netherlands (Nederland) - Poland (Polska) - Québec - Russia (Россия) - Sweden (Sverige) - Taiwan (台灣)