Matomo Analytics for tourism offices

A Matomo Analytics expert

Tourism offices are organizations which belong to two distinct sectors: public administration & business. As a public entity, they have to show a good image and as tourism is a critical industry they need as well to control their data. Those are probably the reasons why I have been involved in many projects for tourism offices which were involving Matomo. Most of the time, the teams of the tourism offices have a very good knowledge in terms of analytics but none regarding Matomo. So my role is train them on the basics of Matomo Analytics. Most of the time, they tend to outsource the installation to an agency and are fully autonomous once the training finished.

Find below the different types of projects I managed with Matomo Analytics:

Universities - Agencies - Privacy commissionners - Tourism offices - Banks-Finance - Startups - Gambling - Blockchain websites - Mobile applications - Cities/Regions - European institutions - Research centers - Telecommunication providers - Non-profit organizations - Healthcare industry - Ecommerce - Intranet

I can help you about your Matomo project for tourism offices on the following markets below:

Austria (Österreich) - Belgium (Belgique) - Switzerland (Suisse) - China (中国) - United Kingdom - Norway (Norge) - United States - Brazil (Brasil) - Germany (Deutschland) - Denmark (Danmark) - Spain (España) - Finland (Suomi) - France - Italy (Italia) - Japan (日本) - The Netherlands (Nederland) - Poland (Polska) - Québec - Russia (Россия) - Sweden (Sverige) - Taiwan (台灣)