Matomo Analytics for gambling websites

A Matomo Analytics expert

So far, I have been involved into only one project dealing with gambling and Matomo Analytics. What I found so far is that this is a really techie sector, as a result, the different people you will have on the line have a very high technical expertise. So to say, you cannot make a beginner training session here and you really need to make it as advanced as possible in order to get your audience satisfied. By chance, this is what I am doing.

Find below the different types of projects I managed with Matomo Analytics:

Universities - Agencies - Privacy commissionners - Tourism offices - Banks-Finance - Startups - Gambling - Blockchain websites - Mobile applications - Cities/Regions - European institutions - Research centers - Telecommunication providers - Non-profit organizations - Healthcare industry - Ecommerce - Intranet

I can help you about your Matomo project for gambling websites on the following markets below:

Austria (Österreich) - Belgium (Belgique) - Switzerland (Suisse) - China (中国) - United Kingdom - Norway (Norge) - United States - Brazil (Brasil) - Germany (Deutschland) - Denmark (Danmark) - Spain (España) - Finland (Suomi) - France - Italy (Italia) - Japan (日本) - The Netherlands (Nederland) - Poland (Polska) - Québec - Russia (Россия) - Sweden (Sverige) - Taiwan (台灣)