Matomo Analytics for the healthcare industry

A Matomo Analytics expert

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are highly concerned about privacy, as a result I am often asked to help them to take out the most of Matomo Analytics. The services I am bringing to those organizations are trainings, then support. The reason is that in those industries, they often have the workforce to perform everything but they need an additionnal layer of support in order to have a quick check of what they implemented and/or to go faster in their deployment.

Find below the different types of projects I managed with Matomo Analytics:

Universities - Agencies - Privacy commissionners - Tourism offices - Banks-Finance - Startups - Gambling - Blockchain websites - Mobile applications - Cities/Regions - European institutions - Research centers - Telecommunication providers - Non-profit organizations - Healthcare industry - Ecommerce - Intranet

I can help you about your Matomo project for the healthcare industry on the following markets below:

Austria (Österreich) - Belgium (Belgique) - Switzerland (Suisse) - China (中国) - United Kingdom - Norway (Norge) - United States - Brazil (Brasil) - Germany (Deutschland) - Denmark (Danmark) - Spain (España) - Finland (Suomi) - France - Italy (Italia) - Japan (日本) - The Netherlands (Nederland) - Poland (Polska) - Québec - Russia (Россия) - Sweden (Sverige) - Taiwan (台灣)